The Bishop

Dance of Death: The Bishop

The Bishop is shown quietly resigned to his fate, as he is led peacefully away by Death. Meanwhile, the loss of this worthy pastor - in sharp contrast to the corrupt Pope and Cardinal depicted earlier in this series - is met with panic and alarm by his now leaderless flock.

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But even though the Bishop was a good man, he meets the same fate as the corrupt leaders of the Church, and everyone else. Death is seen as the great leveler of men.

Dance of Death

Dance of Death

The Dance of Death is an important allegory commenting on human mortality and the passing transience of life. It depicts Death as a fairly jovial skeleton armed with a scythe, who invites his victims to a dance which invariably ends in their demise. The point of the allegory is that no one can refuse its invitation to the dance: hgh church officials, kings or paupers, all must dance and eventually die.